Double Feature Press PictureThe Magnetic Effects Double Feature is a dual fuzz and fixed wah in a small enclosure!

The fuzz is powerful and full sounding with plenty of output volume. Sounds great driving an amp! The Double Feature is an original hybrid design utilizing a NOS Germanium transistor and a RC4558P opamp to create the powerful fuzz.

The fixed wah has been tuned to have a very useable range sweep. All spots of the sweep control offer interesting tones!
 The fuzz has a high input impedance and a low output impedance.
 The fuzz and wah can be used separately or together.


– Volume and Gain controls for the Fuzz and a Sweep control for the wah

– True Bypass

– Runs on 9V battery or standard 9V DC adapter. (Same as Boss, Ibanez pedals etc.)

– Reverse Polarity Protection

– Top mounted DC socket

Download the DOUBLE FEATURE Manual

£115 plus shipping. Contact to order.

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Jacky Claes