White Atom Press PictureThe White Atom is a fabulous, versatile fuzz with a number of convenient, modern features that ensures compatibility with a variety of setups from pedal boards to rack switchers.

The White Atom has a high input impedance and a low output impedance. This makes the White Atom, unlike many fuzz pedals, compatible with buffered bypass pedals pedals as well as pedal switchers and wireless systems.

There are four controls: Volume, Gain, Tone and Texture. The Texture control changes the feel and response of the fuzz. When used in combination with the Tone control many shades of fuzz are available. Everything from focussed, tight fuzz through to splatty, choked fuzz.

A combination of selected silicon and Germanium transistors produce the White Atom’s dynamic fuzz sound!


– Volume, Gain, Tone and Texture controls

– High input impedance and low output impedance

– 9V battery or 9V DC adapter powered

– True Bypass switching

– Reverse polarity protection

– Top mounted DC socket

Download the  WHITE ATOM Manual

£95 plus shipping. Contact magneticeffects@gmail.com to order.

Also available from the following stockists:

Joe’s Pedals
Jacky Claes
Music Machine